Need car clip art? We’ve got it. is your source for professionally created car clip art. We’ve got hot rods, muscle cars, trucks, big rigs, and more. Each file is reasonably priced and ready for your next car t-shirt project!

We’re continuously adding new files from our database of custom car artwork, so please check out our blog, find us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter  for the latest news and promotions.

About our Vector Car Clip Art: 
Vector files include two versions in each download: Adobe Illustrator .ai file saved to Version CS2, and an .eps file saved to Version 10 for Corel users. Vector files are infinitely scalable, so you can use them for anything from small business cards to a big-rig vehicle wrap!

About our Raster Car Clip Art: 
Our Photoshop files are set up with spot channel separations, with the color of the car on a separate channel, or they’re set up as layered files with each color on a separate layer, so you can change it to whatever color you’d like! Those files also include a high res ‘flat’ file if you prefer DTG Printing or doing your own seps.

Be sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about the file formats and how you can use the artwork, or if you want to contact us about a completely custom design.

Available Car Clip Art Downloads are featured below!

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